How do you feel about ROMS?

I know for some people, they believe it is wrong to use them and play them through emulators. I feel the same way I do about watching shows and movies online (the not so kosher way) in that if you pay for cable monthly or own a movie, you can watch them on free sites. So if you owned a game from SNES all those years ago, I see nothing wrong with playing it now through an emulator. Thoughts on this?

Well i don’t see any issue with the emulator. I my self emulating games by downloading the roms. But its better to be updated with new console. Having a SNES emulator for all those years will be a bored

I don’t mean instead of a new console, just in general. I play a lot of modern games on my PC. I will be getting a Switch sometime next year. I have no intention on getting a new Xbox or PS though.

I think a lot of youtube gamers prefer the ROM for the old games. And they do make use of the emulators too. I think reviving such old games and giving them attention in todays time was necessity. And ROMs have been doing that job. But I guess we also need SWITCH and Switch LITE based ROMs too. We never know in near future they can make it easier for us play that way instead of buying expensive hardware.