How long to learn a new game?

How long does it take you to learn a new game? I guess it depends on the kind of game it is as well. It usually takes me a week at least to get used to the controls and things like that.

I can get a good idea of a game in about a few days. Sure it takes longer to beat the game but it doesn’t take too long to learn the controls and flow of game.

It all depends on the design of the game. Some games have a very steep learning curve. But on average, i usually take at least a week to get used to the turns and twists of a game. I took surprisingly long to get my flow on The SIMS 4! Not sure why, but on the other hand, it is the one game i have managed to record really high scores!

It depends , usually it hardly takes an hour.

I instantly adapt the nature of the game which helps me to understand controls more easily.

From the moment I start to play it.

I am a quick learner, I guess once I follow the instructions on the screen, am good.