How many controllers do you have?

How many controllers do you have for your gaming systems? At the moment I have two controllers and that’s all I really need.

Only :v:

I have around two per console, but some with more. I have a bunch of 360 and xbox one controllers, most of them broke because they never last long anymore. I have a few NES controllers, SNES, Genesis, Sega Saturn, PS3,PS2,PS1,N64,and some PC peripherals as well.

I have 3 ps4 controllers, 2 black and 1 red. The red one is my favorite.

It’s understandable if someone has more than 1 console to have more than 3 controllers but to have 3 or more controllers for 1 console I don’t really understand the need for that?

i’ve 6 but Two not working :cautious:

I’m using 2 controllers on my ps4 for playing with my sister and 1 I’m using for playing the games on my PC so actually I can say that I have 2 consoles and 3 controllers.

Do you ever lose your controllers or get them mixed up? especially the Playstation ones? Do PS1 controllers work for the PS2/PS3?

I have two controllers. Both are wireless and are fully functional. They are the original controllers for the Xbox. I have a spare in case a friend comes round and wants to play split-screen.

I’ve two dual shocks for my PS4 which are in mint condition.

Just one cos I can’t afford another.

I got 4. Two of PS4 and two of Xbox.