How many games have you quitted playing?

For me, it’s only two games which are FIFA games series and Cyberpunk 2077. Nothing would make me play those two games ever again.

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I completely agree with you. I’m playing fifa20 on Nintendo switch and just now I bought fifa22 and then I realized that there is no improvement at all. I’m gonna stop playing FIFA for sure. For now, I stopped playing Fortnite, Minecraft, and now FIFA!

EA have been ripping off their FIFA games fans for years now and they are still too gullible to keep accepting the trash that’s been given to them.

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EA FIFA fans are the ones that are making the company keep doing that every year because if they say no more, EA would do something about the game.

There were a few ones that I quit due to boredom or not liking the graphics, rogue-like RPGs usually, but not that many games. I can’t remember the names but it was something with Kingdoms that I really hated and quit after the first boring mission.