How many games on Steam?

How many games do you have on Steam? At the moment I have 12. I should build up my games library more for my Steam account.

Currently, I have only 4 games on Steam. Is that mean that I am gonna stop with gaming? Something weird is going on with me.

I have 2000 games on my steam and around 500 which i didn’t played yet. These games are come from bundles which i am not interested to play

Well over 1000 at this point. I got a lot of them from steam sales. They had one recently and I got like 10 games. Plus, I got a ton of games from the humble bundle, which gets you a ton of games on the cheap. So that helped build my collection up a lot.

2000 games? Woah dude thats alot of games! Nice!

What weird thing is going on with you buddy?

I’m getting old. Full time job = less gaming time

That’s true. I’ve noticed that with me too sometimes after a day of work I would just rather relax and watch movies or read books. I tend to do more gaming on my days off.

I have around 10-15 games right now and I only play 2 of them xD

I just play BROFORCE and CS on Steam with my friends.