How many hard drives do you have installed on your PC?

How many hard drives would you guys say you have installed on your PC? I have a 200GB SSD and a 500GB HDD. I wouldn’t mind installing a few more SSD drives in my PC. How many do you have installed?

I think it’s 3.
1TB Samsung SSD Linux OS drive
256GB Samsung SSD Windows OS drive
4TB Seasonic HDD in 4 partitions - games, music, tv, miscellaneous

I got 2 SSD’s 500GB and 300GB. So far I’m good with what I have.

3 in total. 1 ssd to run my OS, and 2 x 3TB for my documents and games. It’s enough for now.

1 ssd for OS
2 hdds for data

I have a 2tb external hdd that houses all my photos, videos and music. and a small SSD where i install my windows for fast booting

I have a couple SSD’s installed that are 1TB each in size. And then I have a standard HDD that’s another 1TB of storage. I wouldn’t mind getting more SSD’s to add even more storage.