How many hours do you spend on gaming?

How many hours a day do you spend playing video games? I have a friend he can play up to 7 hours straight at a time. For me I can only spend 2 hours at the most in one session.

I can spend 4 hours in a row!

With full time job, I have no time anymore, but in the past lets say 3 to 4 hours every single day!

Let’s say about 3 hours per day. I’m not addicted yet ?

I play mine craft for 4 hours and in weekends around 10 hours. I recently start playing this game and i can’t explain the happiness and joy while start building stuff like large glass snowblower or house buildings

Its depends on the situation if i am alone at my home i play around 4 to 5 hours. I am the only male guy in my home and i have all the responsibility i can’t handle my game while watching my family

I played 3 hours in nights with my friends. I have a busy life with a small family ( includes my wife and kids ) and a hard job. For leisure time? Probably 2 hours nowadays but i mostly play games in weekends. I don’t see it can be effected on your fiance and health if you’re spending your time by playing games

I can spend anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours at a time and it depends how much time I have as well. If the weather is nice outside I try to limit my gaming time but if the weather is crappy then I spend more hours playing games.

Currently, I’m playing apex legends and I’m 100% involved in the game, so let say 6 hours in a row. It sounds crazy but yeah. Right now it’s 1 am and my PC is still running.

Do you eat food and drink water while you play video games? If you do than it shouldn’t be too bad you won’t feel as tired from playing so many long hours.

hi guys,
not that much, maybe 2 hours per day :slight_smile: I have my time still under control for now

I’m spending 4-5 hours playing games on my PC!

Yeah bro, I’m always doing that. And when I am done with playing then light work out! You can’t ?all-day!

spending lots of time on gaming channel 8 to 10 hour daily

right now exam time so 1 hours

5 to 6 hours mad for gta 5 install new mods every days

That is great! We all need to have a limit on technology/video games. I try to do the same as you are 2 hours the most especially when the weather is nice outside.

I can spend way too much time playing video games. I start playing a game and when I look at the time it’s already 3 hours later. Time always go by fast when playing video games.

If I’m really busy than only 30 minutes to an hour and if I’m not busy I can spend a few good hours playing games.

On weekends I can play as long as 10 hours, during work days I still manage to go with 2 to 3 hours of gaming.