How many times have you had to repair your consoles?

How many times would you say you had to get a console of yours repaired? I had my share of Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death, and even had a PS3 and PS4 die on me. They got repaired for free, but it was still annoying to deal with.

Anyway, I haven’t had any other consoles go bad on me, but what about you?

I had a horrid experience with my repair. It took 11 weeks just to get a stuck eject button fixed, then they deactivated my console in some sort of way in which I couldn’t reactivate another one

I don’t have console i use gaming PC and for the best gaming experiences. One of my cousin had PS4 and he tried to repair it himself but unfortunately he burn it lol

I’ve had to get my PS3 and Xbox 360 repaired. My 360 had the RROD like 2 or 3 times, and I had to send it in each time. It was annoying. Now, it’s going on with the Switch and their joycon drift issue. It feels like we can’t get away from the problems.

Thankfully I haven’t had to repair many in my day. Well I didn’t repair, but I got them repaired. Years ago I sent my PS2 in for repair. I then sent an Xbox 360 due to the RROD, and that wasn’t too bad. The wait sucks, but for a free repair, I won’t complain. Plus I remember they would give out a free month of xbl back then.