How much do you spend on gaming accessories?

How much money do you spend on buying gaming accessories? Do we really need to have these? Like a microphone, head phones, etc. I only have controllers and that’s it.

Not that much, I only have a mic, headphones, and a controller. So that’s about $220, I think.

That’s pretty good. Some people spend thousands of dollars on accessories.

I’ve spent about six hundred dollars if you count the virtual reality stuff as accessories. Sometimes I don’t even use my VR headset.

A very little to be honest , I just spend on buying new games , that’s pretty much it.

So far , I’ve spent around 500 bucks on gaming accessories.

Since am not a game blogger and I don’t stream online, so I don’t see a need to buy much accessories, I just need my controller with a loud TV

I mostly spend quarter of my income every second month. Sometimes I have to buy a new game, other times some skin of characters, Maps. This helps me to stay up to date.