How much does it cost to mine cryptocurrency on a suped up PC?

I want to mind cryptocurrency, but don’t know where to even begin. I want to mine from a suped up PC, but probably can’t even afford that. If you want to do real mining, how much should I be setting aside for a budget for a new PC to do exactly that?

And how much would it cost in terms of electricity per month if I keep mining 24/7?

Here is the formula,

Power consumption in KW (100w is 0.1kw) * Hours you mine a day * Cost of electricity (usually is expressed in c/Kwh)* days in a month


(500w) 0.5 * 12(h)* 0.1(c/KwH)*31 (days for a full month) = 18.6

Honestly, I have no clue. I do know that it costs a lot to run the PCs to mine crypto, so your light bill will be up there for sure. Another thing to take into account, is that your PCs will have to be powerful in their own right, and that’s going to cost you a ton there. I wish I had the money to do this, I would totally invest if I could.