How much RAM do you have in desktop?

I have managed to put on 32GB for the desktop box. And I wish to increase if the motherboard supports it. But unfortunately I have to upgrade that too. And knowing how the RAM makes the most difference in the gaming desktop. I’d say that in near future I wont be surprised if the people add more than 32GB RAM.

How much RAM do you have in the desktop that you use for Gaming?

I don’t have a gaming PC its just a normal one.
I have 4 GB ram with Core i3 system. I play games on my PS4 since my current pc can not handle the games

16GB of ram for now, but I have 2 free slots on my motherboard, so I’m thinking to upgrade it this Christmas. It’s gonna be 32GB total.

I have 16gb of ram, and it is running so good for now.

Am using 16gb and it is working for most of the games i play

32 GB = 4 stick of 8GB RAM with 4600mhz ;D

16gig = For real Gamers
32gig = only for Creation content users

I’ve 16GB and I can’t really complain, it’s definitely enough for my needs. It’s clocked at 3600MHz and the primary timings are 16-18-20-37 1T

32GB DDR3. Didn’t really need it yet, but it was a great deal. :slight_smile:

16GB only on my new cyberpower pc and it’s running great!

What’s a “Cyberpower” PC? Is that like a brand?

My laptop has the 24 GB RAM with the ASUS TUF laptop. I may have to also change it for another computer. Currently my another linux laptop is 16GB which is not a bad investment in the long run to be honest.

I got 16GB ram but I am looking forward to increasing it to 32GB to further enhance my pc.

I’ve 8 gigs of RAM in my laptop.