How often do you replace your controller?

We all know that PS4 controllers are famous for grips wearing down, buttons sticking, and analog drifting.

So how often do you replace your PS4 controller?

I’d say quite a bit. I’ve gone through 4 PS4 controllers already. The same can be said for the Xbox One controllers. I wouldn’t be too mad about it, but it seems controllers are going up in price. All I see are controllers now days going for like $70-$80 or so. I don’t get that.

I’ve had my PS4 and the same controllers for 3 years now and they still work well. I’ve never had the problems you have mentioned so to answer your question I have never had to replace my controllers. :slight_smile:

Since I can’t afford buying controllers again and again ergo I take care of them.

Good question! I’ve never had to replace my controllers as I take very good care of them and I’m very careful.

Same unless if they are on sale I don’t want to spend another $74 on one controller like I did last time.

One year down the line now with my Original PS4 controllers. I have not replaced them since. But since the pandemic hit, they really need an extreme makeover! Or total replacement altogether.

In a 6 month span, I usually change my controller but only if it’s broken or malfunctioning.

Well I’ve never changed my controllers since the ones which came with the box are working fine for me.

That’s sensible , I am also fragile in terms of my controllers.