How would you convince someone the new console is worth getting?

I have no intention of getting one. I am just curious about what the key selling points of the new console are for you, personally.

If someone was on the fence about getting the next-gen Xbox, what would you tell them about it to convince them it is worth buying?

You can not change someone’s mind. if they have any interest to getting one they’ll buy it otherwise they don’t think the exclusives are worth it… That’s their decision.

You can not change opinion of people. Lets face it some people can not afford apple. How would you tell them they should because it’s good? Same with console. Thins work the same way. You have to let people and their choices go. You have to push on your onw way when you can work around with that as that is what works.

I would just invite my friend to try my brand new console, and I am sure that he would buy it right away because the new console has a lot of new technology improvements than the previous one.

I wouldn’t need to convince any of my friends about a new console of video game, once I have got it, they come swimming in.