How young is too young?

I see parents letting their children as young as 3 to play video games. I think that’s way to young. My bro and sis in law does not let their kids play video games at all who are 4 and 2. They are waiting until their kids are older. Lots of studies research suggests that video games do not help with the development of the child’s brain.
What age do you think is appropriate for children to play games?

This is a very good question but also too hard to answer. Take a look this research

“Dr. Daphne Bavelier, brain scientist at the University of Rochester and the University of Geneva, has prolifically researched homicidal “first person shooter” (FPS) games such as Call of Duty. Her research found that gamers’ brains show activity in multiple brain regions, indicating numerous — and surprising — visual-spatial benefits in areas like perception, attention, task switching, mental rotation, brain plasticity, learning, short-term memory, crowding acuity, contrast sensitivity, and perceptual decision processes.”

Yes I’ve heard of this a bit as well. There are indeed benefits to playing video games as it makes the brain do quick thinking. I guess the answer is it all depends on the parents on what age they want their kids to start playing games.

I completely agree with you. It really depends on the parents.

Doesn’t most consoles have that recommendation that kids under 12 should not be playing?

Parents should wait for at least for 5 years to give these gaming devices to their kids so they don’t get any kind of gaming obsession.

Once the kid is 5 , he can be introduced to games , but the ones for kids.

Well the content of the game depends here , age should be atleast 4.