I cant Win

I never thought in my entire life that I would be this frustrated at a game. I only get 1-2 kills IF I even survive to get those kills, most to the time I just did instantly as soon as a I land. I m so mad at myself that I can t do this game I’ve been doing countless trial and error and improvement

Well this game hard to play and you can handle it in an instant.Everything needs a process, and it takes time. You can probably address which parts that you’re weak at.

I don’t have any idea about the weakest point can you tell me about the battle ?

Are you weak on battles? Then the best part is that you need to do battles all the time. Drop at Tilted Towers all the time, and improve your skills t

I see thanks for the tip, What about build structures?

you have to master on your controls and how to make quick builds. Play a game and try NOT to pick up weapons. Instead, go harvesting and practice building stuffs when you’re under attack.

Just play more and practice. What’s your current level ?

I m sitting here with level 6. and all my friends are already in level 40+

I am kind of confused because you haven’t even mentioned what game you are playing. What game are you playing and trying to win at?

Yeah, OP doesn’t know what game he is playing!

Yep play more and practice and don’t forget to have fun no matter how frustrating it might seem! You’ll eventually get it!

Lol since we don’t know the game, I think he should quit at once, to save time and energy.