Improvement in PS5 and XBOX Series X

What you guys see the best improvement in new Consoles ( PS5 and XBOX Series X ). I’d to say about its graphic which is far better than previous consoles PS5 is a bit more silent than the ps4

Both are good in term of gaming and graphics. But there’s a fact in Xbox Series X which is its size. Its sooo damn small and not look professional. Microsoft should work on its size and make it little big like PS5

I don’t have any complaints, no matter which console you chose. Real gamer always take fun with games and never talk about the disadvantages. Simple if you don’t like the console then don’t buy it just move on and do what you like

I think the higher graphic setting make me PS5 fan. As compare to the XBOX PS5 gives you good resolution performance, also PS5 will be the underpower than X series we likely to get a PS5 pro anyway.