Intellivision Amico, is this thing going to fail?

Did you guys hear of this new console coming from Intellivision called the Amico? I heard it’s been in the works for while, and I heard that people are complaining about the progress of it. Supposedly they creators are saying it’s close to being done, but what they’ve shown so far, doesn’t show a console near completion. They’re still working out issues with the controllers, which are kinda weird if you ask me.

This is what it looks like:

[IMG width=“668px”]

Yeah I heard it’s being considered a failure. And for good reason, because what they have unveiled so far, hasn’t been a whole lot. They’ve had issues with their new controllers not working, the console isn’t 100% built, they’re still working on the innards of the console.

I think they also had a couple kickstarters of gofundme campaigns. I don’t know if they’ve been fully funded or not. But I’m not very excited for this console. To me, it looks like cheap garbage. But I will reserve all my judgement when it finally releases, if it releases.

As I can see, console games are on sale, but the console is not released yet?? Wtf??