Is PC gaming dying?

Recently, i have been having a feeling that PC gaming is dying. Since laptops can now handle the heat that the PC used to handle, and are portable too. Not to mention the coming of high specs gaming consoles.
Do you think PC gaming is dying?

Not at all. It just seems like it is dying, but PC gaming, like discussion forums (boards) are here to stay. Consoles are limited in what they can handle. PC can be expanded to have astronomical specs and performance.

Far from. I know more and more people leaving console gaming if anything. You are pretty much paying for a locked computer with these next gen consoles when you think about it.

PC Gaming isn’t dying. In fact, an increasing number of gamers are switching to computer gaming. Console gamers don’t like being forced into upgrading to next-gen consoles or being faced with outdated incompatible games.

This is hard to know, I would say no, PC Gaming is not daying, but some researchers are saying that millions of PC users are gonna shift to Console gaming, and the main reason is the high GPU price.

Not dying at all!

Well not yet but maybe in future. I am watching people are getting excited for PS5 and i do believe they’ll move to PS console.

True, the ability to expand the features of consoles are very limited. If they want to keep the fancy shapes and keep the size small. PCs are here to stay.

No , not in my opinion because PC gaming has its own followers and community which won’t let it die by any means , any soon.

PC gaming will never die and gaming on PC is more enjoyable as compared to gaming on laptop.

Not at all. In fact PC is one of the strongest industry for gaming. Nobody cared for games before the console times. Now that we have PC, the streaming is lot easier and in fact people use it for various game chats and other functionalities something which is lot harder with the console. People find using the PC lot better and easier than console which has no use other than games.