Joycon drift is a real problem

Has anyone here dealt with joycon drift at all? It’s been a problem for my Switch for a few weeks now, and I hate that I have to send them in for repair now. So for those who don’t know. Joycon drift is when your analog sticks one or both of your joysticks starts to move on its own. Thats where it gets the title, because it drifts in a direction on its own.

Now, imagine if this happens for a Switch Lite. The whole console needs to then be sent in for repair. The good news though, is that Nintendo will fix these issues for free as long as the item is having said issue. So, has anyone here dealt with it?

Yeah I hear it’s bad with the Nintendo Switch. But I hear that even the Xbox One controllers are having drift problems. I hear they’re doing a lawsuit about that, so maybe Xbox owners can send in their controllers for a free repair down the road. I’ll take it. :smiley:

But yeah, this is a real problem. Happened a lot with my Xbox controllers and now the Switch.

Woah that sucks man! Hope you can get it fixed smoothly! I have a Switch but I have not had that problem and hopefully never will. Does it happen because people play it too much?