Linux vs Windows vs Apple - Pick your poison!

When it comes to the big boys of the tech world, which one do you find to be the best in terms of an operating system for PC?

I used Windows most of my life and have never used Apple. I was reluctant to leave Windows but my growing privacy concerns convinced me to move on to Linux. This was a few years ago and now that I am completely adjusted to it, I can’t even stand using Windows! It is so slow, bloaty, and annoying. I won’t go back.

My personal preference is Linux and the Windows. And it was kind of due to the fact that I can’t afford the Mac. It’s kind of expensive and also lot harder to maintain in the times of the pandemic. So I prefer Linux and the Windows.

I’m using both win 10 and Linux.

It was Windows , it is Windows , it will be Windows from Microsoft.

windows hands down

Depends, sometimes windows and sometimes linux. I am using both.

macOS feels a lot more complete and smoothed our than Windows. In Windows you have several different UI styles and features spread across different apps.