Looking for Virtual Cop 2

Its my brother’s favourite game since his childhood and i am thinking to gift him a game. I am trying to looking for the link but i am unable to find it?
can you guys help me find out "

Bro, for what console? PC?

I am guessing he wants it for the PC Unfortunately I don’t think it’s on Steam I just checked on Steam and I can’t find it on there.

That’s too old game bro

Please see attached file.

It’s actually Virtua Cop 2 and it’s for the Sega Saturn and is an exclusive of Sega’s back in the day. I don’t recall if it ever came out on PC, my guess is no. But, you can probably run it through a Sega Saturn emulator.

I don’t think the game exist anymore. I could remember playing it back in 2002, it was a great game.