Mario Maker

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Have any of you played this game series? I don’t have it since I don’t have a switch but one of my friends do and they have this game. I’ve played it a few times at his house and had a lot of fun creating levels and trying levels that other people make. This game is endless as there are so many levels people have made.

I’ve played a bit of both. My nephew has a Switch. I don’t have one, so he likes to bring his over every once in a while. He likes to challenge me to some of the levels he makes in the games. Some are really well built and cool. I haven’t tried making one of my own though.

What’s the craziest level you ever did?

Parallel Universe. Video via Matyas is a very crazy level. There is no way I will beat this level unless I find a cheat code or something for it.

The Mario Maker games are awesome! I love how challenging and chaotic some created levels are. I sadly am not a pro at making levels, but I did make some. I like good challenging levels. Some aren’t so good because it forces you to do certain moves I have problems with. But, I give props to anyone who can beat some of the crazy tough levels.