Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The new Spider-Man 2 was showcased during Sony’s recent gaming showcase. The trailer reveals a possible connection to Kraven the Hunter and Venom is teased near the end of the trailer. The game looks to be a co-op teamup, or possibly a game with co-op, not sure yet. But it stars both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, so that should be fun. Wonder if you can switch between each Spider-Man like in GTA V.

Check out the trailer, it looks dope.

I think people thought peter died, since we saw in PS4 was miles and peter showing off the powers Why would people suddenly think Peter died

I have never really got into playing Marvel’s Spider Man 2. I need to read up reviews on the game and even check out WatchMojo as well.

I know I played one spiderman game that was really really good. And after that I just didn’t try any. If they made it like the Deadpool game, I might be interested :smiley:

Marvel sometimes makes watered low games, it’s why I don’t take their games that seriously most of the time.