Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4

I love this game. Marvel’s Spider-Man gave me hope for super hero games again. The last good one was probably Batman Arkham Knight, so it was a breath of fresh air when this came out. I can’t wait for the sequel starring Miles. Nice to see a franchise going into a different direction. Anyway, what do you guys think of the remastered version of Spider-Man that’s planned for the PS5? You going to get it?

The graphics do look really good. One of my friends made a good point though saying these kind of games there’s not much thought put into it that are based off movies. Glad to hear its a good game. I don’t want to buy it for $80 though I will wait for the price to get cheaper.

Spider-man was a good game, I played the entire Campaign on the PS4. I do believe they could have done a bit more to make it compelling. Felt like the “Outpost” and other side missions/collections got boring after a while, and the main story was just okay.

Web swinging was really good though

You played it all? Cool! How long did it take you to beat the whole game? They usually don’t put much thought into these kind of games based off of movies.

I haven’t played it but I do watch some live streams from my phone and I can see that the game is kind great, lots of missions and multiple boss to tackle