Mike Tyson wants to make another Punch-Out

It looks like Mike Tyson wants to make another Punch-Out. You can read more about this bit of news here - NintendoLink

If true, this would be really cool, because I would love to play a new Punch-Out game. But of course, this is coming from Tyson himself, so I can’t confirm if this is for real. It could just be that he wants to really do it, and is interested in doing so. I think Nintendo is the only one left that would need to make it happen.

But then that brings up another concern, would Nintendo even consider working with Tyson after his past history. Even though he paid for his crimes, he still did some bad stuff. So I can see it being just Tyson wanting a game, but Nintendo probably won’t.

Hopefully I am wrong though.

Tyson has a very bad reputation, and as you already said he did a lot of crimes in the past and I think a man like that has to be out of any video games. It is not about Tyson only, all bad guys should stay away from any kind of media.

I complete every game in series and now i love to complete Punch-out series too. I grew up playing the punch out game and have replayed it many times. Mike Tyson’s is my favorite and i can not wait for the new game

This game bring back some great memories. I also grew up with this game i played on Wii and loved the cut scenes before the fight. I never able to beat DK and wondering if he come with high power in next game of Punch-out