Mining rig

Hello everyone,
I am about to start with crypto mining and wanted to know if you guys know or if anyone has experience with building the mining rig from the scratch please let me know.


Currently, I’m mining with my gaming PC GPU, of course, while I am not playing. Wanted to buy a couple more GPUs but bro the prices are crazy. The same GPU as mine costs $1200 used. I’m gonna wait for a couple of more months, hopefully, the price gonna change.

Here is how to build the :pick: rig by yourself

]Processor (CPU)
[]Memory (RAM)
]Storage Device
[]PCI-E Risers
]Open Frame
[]Network Connectivity
Hope you gonna find affordable GPUs.

So what do you think is the price for rig like this? Let’s say with a 6 GPUs

Because of the GPUs price, it can cost between $11k - $15k.

That’s a lot of ? man! Yeah, definitely I’m gonna wait. But how many time to mine first block??

Depends of the mining :pick: rig. But let’s say with 1 GPU, one year maybe? What do you think guys?

There are many guides online on how to mine crypto and how to build a mining rig. Just bear in mind, you will need a lot of power in order to mine, and that means you have to have a really good mining rig to make anything worthwhile. It will also cost a lot to build a machine like that, so keep that in mind as well.