Mischief Makers

This game was first released in Japan and it was released for the N64. You play as a maid who has to save her kidnapped creator and the story takes place on Planet Clancer.

I was in 6th grade back in 2008 its was Christmas and my parents bought an n64 for me with this game. I still enjoy this game but got stuck at lava level

Lava level is hard it took me awhile to beat it but I did best it. You will beat it too!

I’ve never played this game as I never had a N64 but I wish I had!

This game is so special for me. I still remember when my brother rented it for me 3 years ago. I was unable to complete a level and got frustrated

How can i forget this game, i requested my mom to buy this game for me but she refused. i was 8 year old at that and guess what i still didn’t played it yet