Mortal Kombat

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This is by far the most fun I have playing a fighting type video game. It gives you both the fighting feel and the arcade feel.
What’s your favorite character you use the most in this game?

I remember growing up, playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis. I think that game holds the most fond memories. I was pretty good at it back when I was a kid. I wish I had the skill today though. I can’t get into most of the newer Mortal Kombat games. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun, but I just can’t keep up with them. I get tired of them kind of fast.

As for my favorite character, hands down Scorpion. I know that’s cliche, but he is. And second would be Sub Zero. I know cliche again lol. Maybe it’s because I have a fond place for power rangers and they kind of reminded me of them.

I actually have the first 3 on genesis! It’s so much fun. I originally played it on a cabinet, though.

That’s awesome! Sounds like your a big fan of the Mortal Kombat series.
I agree with @Brent I think Scorpion is probably my favorite.

Oh yes I love it dearly! I used to main as Raiden myself.

I recently got a chance to play Mortal Kombat and I must say I miss the old days, Mortal Kombat was on of the most fun game for two players especially in holidays, my favorite character was Liu Kang and girls i like Kitana.

I cherished MK9’s story mode. It was much more epic than I suspected it. There’s a great deal bends in the story and i love to complete it again and again

I haven’t played the old version of this game but one thing I did do is buy Mortal Kombat 11 recently. And I did have a decent time playing it. It’s much more fun then mortal kombat 10 and actually isn’t that expensive.

Mortal Kombat is my favorite fighting game ever. I played it at the arcade and had 1 and 2 on the PC. Jump to now, I have Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox. Well did, I sold the Xbox. hehehehe

You missed out on the old version! If you ever get a chance you should definitely play it. That’s cool though about MK 11. Who is your favorite character on that game?

It’s basically a clone of the arcade! Very fun!

I haven’t tried any Mortal Kombat games completely new in this game. I know there’s a ton I have missed and now i am thinking to make start this game. is there anything I NEED to realize about this game ?

Nah, you good. :slight_smile:

I like Lui Kang and Raiden. :slight_smile:

I could remember losing 2 controllers to this game. It was fun and u can say a little bit twisty when it comes to picking characters, they all have their special abilities.

If you are into the pure fight and also want to think less. Then the mortal kombat is definitely the game worth using as well… I’d say that those who are into the fight and the FPS game may also like the game and the thing about the fighting games is that it takes time.

I use Scorpion the most.