My Game: MatchyGotchy Z

Hi youse guies, I made a game MatchyGotchy Z

Its a casual pet raising and training sim. One of the big things we did was use an advanced AI called “Markov Chains” to let you train your pet to do different things by clicking on them to reward the behavior you like. MGZ has a ton of cute little mini games you can play with your pets, and we still have a bunch more we are planning on releasing. Also the game introduces “Zoot” the universal currency, and by upgrading your pet’s food their work output becomes more valuable and you can buy even more upgrades for GAZILLIONS of in game currency. Your final score is measured in how many zeros your money counter contains. And we are working on localizing the game to other languages if anyone is interested in helping out.

If you have questions feel free to shoot them my way.