NBA 2K or NBA Live?

For the basketball fans out there that enjoy playing basketball video games do you prefer NBA 2K games or NBA Live from EA Sports? I prefer the NBA Live. Everything seems more realistic in that series.

It’s gotta be NBA 2K for me. I remember playing one of the first NBA 2K games back on the PS2. Like NBA 2K4, which I played so much. The controls during the time were unique and interesting. I haven’t played many of the recent NBA games, but I’ve been kind of interested in playing them again.

As for NBA Live. I think I rented one years ago, but it didn’t turn out to be so fun. I just never got into the series, and for the most part, it seems people have kind of forgotten about NBA Live.

NBA 2K series seem to be more fun and arcade type. You can also upload images on 2K. I don’t think you can do that on EA Sports NBA Live.

Both games are sim style sports games, but 2K tends to offer other game modes that may be more arcadey. I prefer the 2K series over EA. I can’t remember the last time I even played Live. I remember when they stopped production of the game for a couple years. That’s when they were pretty awful games compared to what 2K was putting out, but they seem to be making much better b-ball games these days.

I haven’t seen that happen on EA sports, maybe in the next version.