Netflix gaming documentary

High Score! Has anyone seen it yet? It just came out on August 19, 2020 and they look into the history of classic video games. It’s a very well done documentary.

Cool! One of my friends talk about this show. It seems like a fun show to watch and know the history of the classic video games.

Looks like I’ve to utilize my Netflix subscription by watching by seeing that.

I saw it last week, this is a real classic! It shows the evolution of the video game industry from Atari and Donkey Kong to modern online gaming and esports.

Take a look at the official trailer below

Watching that video really makes me want to watch it now. A six part series so I’m not too far behind.

Looks like it’s that time to use my Netflix account once again.

Yes, it’s one fine documentary to be made on games.

Just watched and enjoyed it.