Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Netflix seems to be going down in terms of the viewership each year. They don’t have good shows. And the thing is that Amazon Prime was one of the good apps that goes with the slow progress yet some of the good shows that they have. I have subscription for both of the apps. And it works out just fine for me. I wish to make use of them so that I can keep myself entertained.

Which one among the Netflix or Amazon Prime do you like?

Both are okay but I prefer Netflix because it has a better overall library of movies and TV shows than Amazon prime.

There’s no comparison both are good in term of watching Shows. Prime Streaming server is added to their business, where Netflix is a stand alone service that does not try to do anything else.

For me Netflix is the best in the business , saying it arguably.

Netflix as it provides wider range of seasons and other TV shows.

Netflix , period.

I only have Netflix, and my family shares it so I don’t really pay. From what I can tell Netflix has the best UI but Prime has the best selection, and Hulu is the best for watching stuff that’s currently airing.

In my opinion, Netflix has better original content, a better user experience and a better overall library of movies and TV shows.