New Years Plans?

Its almost New Years Eve. What are your plans? We are in lockdown here so can’t do much but my family will play online games together.

Happy New Years! Lets hope 2021 will be better than this year!

Happy new year man! We had an amazing new year’s eve, just 4 of us and that’s it. We are still in some kind of lockdown.

Unfortunately, I got sick on the New Year’s Eve, I couldn’t go out to see fireworks. My best friend accompanied me tho, we watched a movie which pretty much covered all the boredom.

Well , I was in my balcony , and I enjoyed the fireworks here in Melbourne at 00:00.

I didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve/Day. I did however make a point to actually stick to a resolution since. I started working out 5 days a week and while it is too early to say I am sticking to my guns this time, I usually give up after 2 days lol