NFL & NBA Street Games

Anyone remember those NFL and NBA Street games? I think they had Fifa Street as well. I was mostly into the NBA and NFL games in the series. I couldn’t get into Fifa Street, but to each their own I suppose. Anyway, I remember the first time I played NFL Street. There was like a blizzard happening, and my friend, brother and I were out helping my friend deliver news papers. He had the game on him, and was going to come over to play it. We had a blast that day. I miss days like that with friends.

Funnily enough, I just got NFL street 1 and 2 again, so maybe one of these days I’ll have a gaming party or tournament where we play it. That would be fun!

I remember trying the NBA Street games. It was okay but I wouldn’t buy a copy of the game myself. I guess those games are meant to be more fun and not try to be realistic like the actual sport.

Yeah they’re not realistic, but more arcade like. That’s the whole purpose of it though, it’s meant to be unrealistic and fantasy driven. I mean there are moves you can perform in the air, like spears and stuff. That’s the point of the game.

I prefer NBA Street though, just brings me back to the NBA Jam days, when Sports games weren’t always trying to be real/simulation style games.