Nintendo Switch or Mobile devices games?

Which one would you choose to play with between Nintendo Switch and playing on your smartphone?

For portability, smartphone offers better usage but Nintendo Switch offers far more better games in my opinion.

What’s your choice?

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Since phones are cheaper I am going with them for now, even tho the switch is fun, I don’t think it’s worth a lot unless you are traveling a lot, feel nostalgic about Zelda, or want to play Animal crossing really really bad.
So it’s the phone for me :smiley:

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I don’t really enjoy playing games on my mobile phones because it messes with other things that I do with my phone. If I can get my hands on Nintendo Switch, I would definitely prefer it over smartphone games.

I actually own a Switch and it’s a whole lot of fun. My smartphone isn’t exactly built well for gaming because of small RAM.

Let me confine my smartphone to only doing the job which smartphone are meant for which is calling and chatting. Nintendo Switch is better for gaming.