No games for a day?

When was the last time you went an entire day with out playing any video games? For me that was this week, it’s been a few days since I’ve played a game but soon I’ll get back into it.

No I can never go a day without playing video games! Even if I can only play for 15 minutes that still counts as a gaming session for me!

I can take more than a day without gaming. Really I just get comfortable with my laptop and that’s basically all I need to do. I enjoy myself quite well when I’m on my computer and can sometimes even go a bit less then a week without playing however I do love to play call of duty and halo and play those quite often.

This is my 3rd day in a row without video games! But do you know why? Because I have to work overtime every day :frowning: 2 more days to the weekend!

I play games everyday. Maybe I’m addicted to games. I don’t know how people can go so long with not playing games. They are so fun.

This week surprisingly , I had fever so I couldn’t play a single game for two days straight.

Whenever I feel unwell , I stop playing games for my mind to relax.

It won’t be easy at all for me.

I am not addicted so I can take let’s say a couple of days in a row without video games.

Done that for a whole year. I traveled to my aunt place and she did not have a TV, I don’t ever want to experience that again in my entire life.