Off-Topic Tweets

guys ask me questions !!

Hey, where are you from?

What is your Favorite actor?
Robert Downey jr always

You are my favorite Mateo!

Hey, how are you? @hellokittyprincess

@Mateo Favorite actor? That’s a tough one. It’s either Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, or Robert De Niro. Or, and Jack Nicholson. It’s hard to pick one though. I don’t think I can.

new york city


not me doing this ‘?’ every 5 seconds-

imagine your card decline at the therapist office and she gaslights you ?

me too. can we meet someday?

we could just stop joining the zooms and they’ll cancel school…y’all just do too much ? #cancelschool2020

disrespecting people for fun is not cute

omg i hate when i’m telling the truth and nobody believes me like BRUH ITS NOT THAT HARD TO BELIEVE ME

I believe You :smiley: @hellokittyprincess

all my homies miss lil peep ?

ok i’m soo interested in your guys opinions…WHOS YOUR FAV SIGN AND WHYYY

there could be a possible food shortage in 2021, china is being flooded right now and that’s where we get our food from … it’s slowly happening

sza is dropping??? i’m ready for the new national anthem

i wanna wear fairy wings rn but i don’t have any