Online gaming behavior

Have you seen nasty and crazy behavior from someone online while playing a game against them? What are some things that they do?

Usually people have such a potty mouth when playing online they swear a lot.

Yes I’ve experienced this quite a bit. People swear way too much when they play online.

Yea usually its swearing or trash talking. People like to insult each other online. If you can handle it then why not?

Yes , they try to bully and use hurtful foul language to provoke me. I respond by beating them good.

Yes , many times bullies have tried to make me a victim of cyberbullying but I’ve always found a way out.

I don’t play much of multiplayer games.

I do watch live streams and I have seen alot of stingy players who doesn’t care about their team.

MMO games and the MOBA games tends to have that sort of the behavior. People being too much competitive and also snarky make the mentality that they feel like cursing and also other negative traits too. I’d say that online behavior gets like that due to such people all the time being negative.

I guess it’s true , gamers specially get out of control while they’re playing, they’ll curse for small reasons.