Ordering in food

How often do you like to order in food? Everyday? :smiley: I try to order in food once or twice a week.

I am ordering twice a week, usually Monday and Friday. Monday is pizza day and Friday is reserved for the seafood.

I too only really order in once or twice a week. Doing it more can be expensive and you spend a lot of money on tipping the driver too.

I like to order in but I usually go and pick up the food myself so then I don’t have to pay any delivery fees and tip the driver.

I usually just fix something to eat at home but I do like to eat taco bell, wendy’s, mcdonalds, and several other good fast food joints. Saki and Chinese food is also something I love to eat. Really just comes down to what I’m able to get at the time. It’s not often we order food but when we do it’s usually something like pizza.

I never order in, I am always picking up my food from neighbors pizzeria.

I prefer homemade food rather than ordering from outside.

Once or twice a month.

On weekends , I don’t like to cook ergo I prefer ordering food then.

I don’t really order food, I prefer cooking on my own but once in a while I do, maybe once or twice a week.

I myself order once or twice a week , mostly on the weekends.