PC games you recommend?

Anyone got some games that they would recommend for me? Steam, Epic Games, stand alone etc.

If you are into the FPS, there are plenty of horror and the campaign based games that you can take a look at as well. I’d recommend finishing the series like devil may cry, darksiders, resident evil etc.

I like racing and sports games and my recommended games are:

Fifa 2019
F1 Racing 2002
Need for Speed Heat
Grand Theft Auto v
    Cricket 2005

I’d recommend the SMITE, and the Vainglory if you are into the MOBA. And knowing that you already play the League of Legends. I think you can find a lot of chinese MOBA games out there. But depends on what type of franchise you’d like to follow, game suggestions may vary.

If you are into building type games I would recommend Roller Coaster Tycoon if you like amusement parks or any of the Sims games or any of the tycoon games. They are lots of fun.

I’d suggest you to try Red Dead Redemption II.

Sekiro if you’re into a challenge. The world and gameplay are both breathtaking

Go for the Crysis series. Impeccable indeed.

Go for Watch Dogs II.