PC Gaming or PS5

So i have good gaming PC and and a PS4 console, since i have a pc with following spec do you think i should buy a new PS5 ?
I7 3770k stock,
980TI stock,
16gb,500gb SSD

I would say gaming setup is much more than PS5. You should stick to gaming setup for flexible gaming experience.

I have a full blown desktop that runs any game. It was slightly choppy on Cyberpunk 2077 with high settings. lol I’d like a new video card, but prices have skyrocketed. I am pleased to see SSDs coming down tho. Saw a 2TB Samsung 870 SSD for $179!! WOW

Well both do the same thing all we need play games, Gaming PC are to much expensive i don’t know why people prefer it more than PS5
You can play games on $500 PS5

I prefer having a nice PC as I do much more than just games. I also write, IM, code, Zoom, etc. :slight_smile:

You can do it on lower PC too, why you’re going to spend thousand of dollars when you buy a $300 PC ? also the PS5 cost you only $500
$500 + $300 = $800

Like I said, I prefer PC games, always have. I have a decent gaming rig, but I do a tonne of other things that would prove difficult on a console, PS5 or not. I don’t want a cheap $300 PC. I paid almost that much just for two SSDs, lol

If you are looking at strictly gaming, then Playstation 5 would be the best option to choose but if you have other plans aside gaming, getting a PC would serve you better.

I crave Playstation 5 more than anything now, so if push come to shove, I’m most likely to choose Playstation 5 over any kind of PC.

If it’s not for being able to mod games on PC, I would never consider playing on it for any reason whatsoever. Playstation 5 is always better.