PC VS Consoles

I play Warzone on Ps4 and had recently come across content that explained the differences with Pc users and Console users. The differences aren’t really that fair especially with the filters that you are able to use if using a Pc. I’m going to say Pc definitely dominates, does anybody have any views or thoughts about this??

I agree with you that playing on a PC is much better. Let’s say that on a PC you gonna have clearer visuals, better frame rate, better aim practice, an adjustable field of view, etc…on the other hand, with ps4 you gonna have a larger population, even playing field, easier games, fewer cheaters. Currently, cheating is one of Warzone’s biggest issues.

I would like to go with the Console, the reaons are its cheap, reliable, and it can be adjust anywhere. While in PC you need a specific place, table, keyboard, mouse and a LCD which cost you a lot

I started out as a console gamer and it’s been my way of gaming for years. But I have been branching out to PC lately but console still remains my favorite.

PC seems to be a more versatile gaming platform. One thing that makes it so good is being able to mod your games. Now, I want to get more playing time on it very well.

All of the video games playing platforms are very good and unique in their own way. They have their differences and similarities that makes them special.

It’s actually why I really feel like having all of the gaming platform to have an experience with all of them. It’s why I have PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch now, so it’s remaining an Xbox console.

Getting Playstation 5 is the biggest project that I have faced at the moment and hopefully by next year or the ending of this year, I might have it for myself.