People dying from gaming too much?

I hear in the news from time to time that people die from playing video games for too long, mostly teenagers they would spend like 40 hours straight of playing a video game and not eat or drink water, etc. It’s crazy to know that people can actually die from playing video games! What are your thoughts?

Yea that’s crazy. I’ve heard the same too. People get addicted way too easily and they don’t know how to stop and take a break. Take a break sometimes people! It’s not worth dying for!

My God, I can’t believe this. This is so a sad man. I read that brother kill sister because of the stupid video game controller.

People are crazy. Why risk yourself for a video game? Atleast he died doing something he loved doing.

Yes , in some countries it might happen but others just exaggerate things up.

I heard that it happened somewhere in India. Still , I didn’t believe in it tho.

Where did it happen specifically tho , if I may ask?

That’s sad tho if it’s true.