Plants vs Zombies

I have played both first and second part of the game on the PC. And I love it. I kind of like the way the levels are getting tougher with the speed. And at the end it is more or less fun too. I think a lot of games have pretty fun to play on PC. I can’t imagine myself playing the game on the console or mobile. I think PC is pretty much a good option for playing this game.

Have you played this game?

I have Plants vs Zombies GW2 for PS4, and It is a really interesting game, previously I was playing it on a tablet. Unfortunately, I am not playing it anymore because of the fortnite, apex legends, minecraft, among us, rocket league etc… :slight_smile:

Yeah modern mainstream games pretty much closed the way for the PVZ, Angry birds and similar other games. I guess now those games are turned into the one time or one shot games now a days. I guess in near future a lot of one shot games would be forgotten like this.

I once played it on my phone, I could remember reaching a level I couldn’t finish, I bought all the necessary plants, it just feels like that was the ultimate level on the game.

This reminds how I used to play but I didn’t know how to do cheats