Playing with Friends or Strangers ?

I like to play with stragers, since my friends know my movemnet and they’re well aware about my skills and control. i don’t play with them lol. I knwo its weird
What you prefer Playing with Friends or Strangers ?

Playing call of duty with friends is quite interesting, we get to kill bounties and kill other players connected to the game, we actually just get to the drop zone on time and wait for other players to come meet us there, then boom, one shot.

Nice, Playing with friends increase the courage. I also feel safe sometimes whenever my friends join the server, but i never battle with them they’re quit PRO than me

Playing with friends is much better compare to strangers. When you play with friends, you can can make jest of them just to have fun. But playing with strangers, you can’t be free to make jest of them if you defeat them.

I like to play with my friends, because we are stronger together as a team bro :slight_smile:

Of course, there should be a clan mates. I often play with my clan members but can’t play against them. Since they know my all technique