PlayStation 5 arrives November 12 for $499.99

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PlayStation 5 finally has a price and a release date. Sony revealed all details at their showcase event today. The PlayStation 5 console will cost you $499.99 at release, which happens to be November 12th. Two days after the Series X. This is good, as both consoles are going for the same place. So the only way we might be able to gauge things, is how the PS5 all digital version ($399.99) will do against the Xbox Series S ($299). My guess the Series S is going to be a huge hit, especially with the likes of Gamepass to back it up.

But, this is not about Xbox. This is about Sony. Are you happy about the price?

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I figured they would try to price around the same price as the series X. I’m good with this price for sure. I thought they would have lowered their digital model down to match the Series S, but I think for 399.99, it’s not too bad. It will probably go down in price fast anyway.

I’ll buy ps5 digital edition because it’s so cheap for being a so powerful console.

Yea I don’t mind the prices but it would be cool to see Playstation match Xbox’ digital version price of $299 I would get it for sure.

The digital only version is very tempting to get because of the price. Maybe I’ll get it but I’ll still probably hold off on it for awhile.

A month and few days more when this beast will be unleashed.

You got that right! They are releasing a white and a black version I’m hearing.

I heard a lot rumors since they announce they launching PS 5, its been around a corner for a very long time still they are saying may be they launch in November, who know it can be delay due to COVID19. Well fingers cross