Prime gaming subscription

Hi everyone,
does anyone have a Prime Gaming subscription? I have only a steam subscription but planning to take this prime gaming too. But does it worth it? I saw on the net that every month you can get a free collection of PC games. My parents don’t have prime membership so I cant signup for the 30days trial. So if any of you have it please let me know. Thanks!

@JayJay I think Prime Gaming subscription is good to have. I get it for free with my MetroPCS subscription, because of 4 lines that I have. Take a look at my Prime Gaming screenshot.

[ATTACH type=“full”]91[/ATTACH]

Thanks. My parents have metropcs too and I didn’t know that we can get prime membership for free. I will speak with them right away :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @JayJay

I have prime membership I had no idea about the gaming. Does it come free with a prime membership or is it a separate membership on top of prime?

Yes, it’s coming free with amazon prime.

Nice. I have prime membership too so good to know about this!