Prince of Persia Remastered

Did you guys hear that Ubisoft is re-mastering The Prince of Persia? Well they are, and idk if it’s really much of an improvement. You guys can watch the trailer and make up your own mind on it:

Its kinda weird. This looks so awful contrasted with the OG. What you think ?

Yeah, it doesn’t look that good to me. But of course, the graphics could change from now up until release. I’m not betting on it with Ubisoft though. I just can’t understand how they can call it a remake or even a remaster. This looks like a 360/ps3 game. Maybe it was intended for those consoles at one point.

I actually don’t mind the graphics… its definitely better now than it was back then. I will probably get this for my nostalgic reasons.

Graphics seems as though we’re moving in reverse to the ps3 period. movement actually looks burdensome simply like the first.

Sounds like they are still stuck back in the 90s. Hopefully they will fix these issues.

Sands of time was one of my favorite games as a kid, but this remake does not seem to be doing it justice. Quite pointless

I actually played it on my psp back in 2010. I couldn’t finish it cos I couldn’t download the full version.

It will be great to see a comeback.