Project CARS 3

Hey everyone!
I just saw this interesting game on Steam and wanted to share it with you. I didn’t try the game, because I couldn’t find the demo but I saw some reviews on the net and the rating is only 6/10

About the game


• 200+ elite-brand race & road cars
• 120+ global tracks
• Wide set of race conversion kits
• Race to earn Credits & XP
• Buy & own 100s of cars
• Upgrade cars with realistic performance parts
• Customize your car liveries with racing- & community-inspired elements
• Personalize your drivers


• Fully scalable assists for all skill levels
• Convincing & fun handling
• 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons, all-weather racing
• Unrivalled Controller Experience
• Visceral sense of speed
• Intense crash effects & car-contact
• Enhanced AI


• New & deeply engaging career mode
• Battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend
• New & compelling Multiplayer and Community Modes
• Fun & exciting Daily Challenges

You can get it for $59.99

The official trailer is below

Did anyone try already?

$60 for a game that’s only rated 6 out of 10? I like how they have the
200+ elite-brand race & road cars and 120+ global tracks. The video does look cool but I’m definitely going to wait for the price to go down before I buy it if I ever will.

You are right @Spikey
I wanna try the demo every time before buying any game. I remember before, demo versions were the default part of the industry, and for many gamers, they were the basis for purchasing decisions. Everything has changed with the digital revolution.

I like racing games, but I wanna try the demo first before buying the full game. This game seams interesting, but I will wait for the black friday hehe

Car project looks more like blur car race but way more better, blur only have few selection of cars and racing ground.