PS4 Digital store

Do you buy your games from the PS4 Digital store or buy physical copies of the games?

I like to buy digital games so that way my room isnt crowded with physical copies of games.

I like buying the physical copy of the game. Same with movies and such. There’s just something about owning the physical copy of the product. I also like the artwork and such on the cover.

I am buying it from my PS4 digital store, yes. I do have physical copy of couple of games, but in the last time I am buying it in digital format. The same on my PC.

Yea its so much faster and easier to buy digital games! You don’t have to go and pick it up or wait for them to ship the game to you.

The only time I’ll buy a physical copy of the game if it’s on sale or I find someone selling it for cheap on Kijiji or eBay.

I do when they go on sale in the Nintendo digital store. I buy the old classics and buy the physical copies for newer games.

I buy physical copies of my games.